Welcome to the Stainton, Hilton and Brookfield Churches

  • What's New? - Updated 24th July 2017

    New pattern of Sunday Services from 25th June 2017

    From Sunday 25th June 2017 the usual pattern of services will be:

    9.15 am: Holy Communion, St Margaret's, Brookfield

    10.45 am: Holy Communion, St Peter & St Paul's, Stainton

    6.00pm: Holy Communion, St Peter's, Hilton (*)

    (*) On the first Sunday of the month it will be Evensong

    --- * ---

    Updated: The calendar with details of special services at the

    three Churches over the next 12-months

    Added: Diocesan Prayer Diary for August 2017 (see bottom of this page)

    Added: A brief history of St Margaret's Church, Brookfield

    Added: MU Wave of Prayer diary for August 2017

    Added: Photos of the Stainton and Thornton Gala Day 2017




      Stainton Church                      Hilton Church                          Brookfield Church

    Welcome to the web-site of the Church of England in

    Stainton, Thornton, Maltby, Hilton and Brookfield. 

    St Peter's Church, Hilton, St Peter & St Paul's Church, Stainton, and St Margaret's Church, Brookfield, are all dedicated:

    • to being a visible Christian presence within the communities they serve,
    • to holding those communities before God in prayer,
    • making real and valued contributions to addressing issues,
    • offering pastoral care, and support, and
    • providing places and patterns of worship to help people from all walks of life to draw closer to God and worship Him.

    The Stainton and Hilton Churches have a rich and long heritage of service:

    • St Peter's dating back to the 12th Century in the present building; 
    • St Peter and St Paul's having a foundation which  probably dates back to the 7th Century.

    Brookfield Church was originally a "daughter church" within Stainton Parish:

    • St Margaret's became a Parish in its own right in 1988.
    In the 21st Century all three buildings and worshipping communities offer beautiful venues for weddings and Baptisms and we hope to welcome families to celebrate these special events with us.

    We hope that you can find the information you are looking for about our Churches, but if not, please do contact us

    Email: BSHPlurality@hotmail.com


    Vicar:                   Reverend Vivienne Hatton


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