Church Staff

Parish Contact details:


Tel: 01642 597454 (for the Plurality Office)



Reverend Vivienne Hatton - 


The Vicar is on Extended Study Leave for the period 16th April to 15th July 2018. During her absence on Study Leave the Churchwardens are available on this mobile phone number: 07568-358853


St Peter & St Paul, Stainton

Colin Mason: e-mail: tel: 01642-591667

3 Fawcett Avenue, Stainton

Vernon Clare: e-mail: tel: 01642-592186

94 Ruswick Avenue, Brookfield

St Peter, Hilton

Sally Hamlin: e-mail:  tel: 01642-590385

22 Fir Tree Close, Hilton

Barbara Sowerby: e-mail: none tel: 01642-591532

1 Manor Drive, Hilton

St Margaret, Brookfield

David Clark: e-mail: tel: 01642-822680

5 Ricknall Close, Brookfield