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Hilton Filling Station
HFS Photos

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2018 Easter crafts at Stainton
A children's activity time was held on Good Friday at Stainton for all Children in our Churches. A jolly time was had by all making Easter decorations; eating Easter goodies; and watching Easter-themed videos.

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Stainton: Norman is 97!
Norman Frankish's 97th birthday; he celebrated with a cake after the Parish Lunch on 21/9/2017.

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Stainton and Thornton Gala day
Pictures of the 2017 Gala Day at which St Peter and St Paul, Stainton, provided a refreshement tent.

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Bill Dewing's last services
Revd Bill Dewing's last services on Sunday 18th June 2017

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Stainton: Lily Hatton's First Communion
Lily Hatton's First Communion
Stainton - 11th June 2017

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Palm Sunday 2011 at Hilton
Palm Sunday Family Service

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