Filling Station - Welcome to our monthly event

It with great regret that the Hilton Filling Station (HFS) Host Team announces that the HFS has closed.

As the country slowly emerges from the Covid-19 pandemic there is unfortunately no longer a viable HFS Host Team to organise and run the HFS Events; after two years of the pandemic the Host Team members have had to review the calls on their time taking account of their increasing ages and commitments in their home Churches.

The HFS Host Team acknowledges the commitment and support of the HFS Friends who attended the HFS Events over the period from October 2015 up until the suspension of Events after the meeting on 3rd March 2020.

With all good wishes for God’s blessings.

Bob and Julia, Graham and Carolyn, Sally, Angela, and Claire and Darren.

This webpage on the Stainton with Hemlington, Hilton and Brookfield Churches website is being left for historical purposes.


A Filling Station event is held in Hilton Village Hall on the first Tuesday of each month (7.30-9.00pm).

We enjoy coffee and home-made cakes, Christan worship, prayer and fellowship in an informal setting. The highlight of each evening is our guest speaker - you can find the programme on the website given below.

Hilton Filling Station is affiliated to the national Filling Stations organisation which exists to encourage Christians in mainly rural areas to meet together to share and build up their faith.

Hilton Filling Station has a page on the national Filling Stations website:

The last Hilton Filling Station event was held at 7.30pm on  Tuesday 3rd March 2020 when our Guest Speaker was Malcolm Granville from St Margaret's Church, Brookfield.

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On 1st October 2019 we celebrated the Hilton Filling Station's 4th birthday with a lovely cake made by Sally Hamlin. Below you can read a reflection from Angela Sayer on our 3rd Birthday

When we as a Host Team decided to set up Hilton Filling Station thre years ago we did so as ‘Pioneers’ stepping out in faith into unknown territory.  We didn’t get everything right first time or even at the second or third attempt but we decided right from the beginning to hold review meetings after each event in order to discuss observations and raise new ideas so that we could improve the evening.  We have tweaked seating, lighting and even upfront positions.  We are so fortunate in our ministry team in that we all have different skills and gifts that we didn’t even know we had to offer.  It never ceases to amaze me when I see everything pulled together.  We thank God for each other every day.

Another blessing I have witnessed is in our speakers and worship leaders being available and so talented.  God provides for us at every level and that is why I have a firm conviction of being in the right place, serving him monthly at the Hilton Filling Station.  With the continuing grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and the welcome presence of the Holy Spirit at the meetings, I can see no reason why Hilton Filling Station can’t keep going, filling a gap in this rural community of Christians; people who love God and are willing to be topped up with the Holy Spirit once a month; enabling them to meet old friends and make new friends; relax with good coffee and homemade cakes; enjoy informal teaching and prayers and generally have a great evening socially.

Hilton Filling Station Host Team are here to serve as long as we are meeting a need and I personally feel proud and privileged to be an active member of the ministry team and part of such a faith driven event.  We are no longer ‘Pioneers’; rather we have forged our own programme of events and I know I am richly blessed for committing to this project.

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