Covid19 Update

What is happening in our three Churches because of the Coronavirus pandemic?

Updated 21st September 2020

The PCC of St Peter’s, Hilton has decided that it is not possible to open their church safely at this time so the Church will remain closed for the time being. The PCC looks forward to the time when Covid19 social distancing measures are no longer required and the Church can be re-opened.

After much discussion, careful planning and undertaking formal Risk Assessments Stainton PCC and Brookfield PCC are ready to open Stainton Church and Brookfield Church following the easing of the Covid19 restrictions by the Government. The details are as follows:

On Sunday mornings from 10.00am -11.00am St Margaret's Church, Brookfield, and from 11.00am - 12.00 noon St Peter and St Paul's Church, Stainton, will be open for public worship. The services will be one of: either Holy Communion subject to the availability of visiting Clergy arranged by our Area Dean, Revd Clay Roundtree; or Ante-Communion or Morning Prayer led by an authorised member of out laity. Details of the service pattern will be published on the website at this link:

The PCCs will keep a lists of visitors to the Churches - their names and phone numbers - to assist with "NHS Track and Trace" as requested by the Government. The data collected will be kept for 21 day and then securely destoryed. You can find out more about this in the Stainton PCC Covid19 Privacy Notice here and in the Brookfield PCC Covid19 Privacy Notice here.


All other Stainton Church activities (eg the Tuesday WARM WELCOME Drop-in and the Wednesday Coffee and Kids toddler drop-in) and Brookfield Church activities (eg the Thursday Everybody Welcome Drop-in) remain suspended for the time being.

Prayers for our village, nation, and beyond will however be said regularly by members of all three Churches.

We assure you of our love and concern at this time.